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Customer Testimonials

“I personally sit on the board of directors for the Crime Prevention Program and find this program an invaluable part of the construction industry. Although it is unfortunate that we need a program such as this, I strongly feel it is worth its weight in gold. Millions of dollars have been recovered in stolen equipment due to this organization. They provide a service that directly links information to the appropriate parties so that stolen items can be recovered in a timely manner with minimal damage. Without a program like this each contractor would be left to their own devices to try and recover their stolen items.

Your support of this program would be greatly appreciated. If you would like more information or have any questions please feel free to give me a call: 714-540-5351.”

Mike Ortiz
Sukut Equipment Inc.


“Coastline Equipment has been an active member of the Crime Prevention Program for over 10 years. We are members because it is the only organization that assists our customers in preventing equipment thefts. Equipment theft is a huge problem because there is no ownership trail that law enforcement can follow when a machine has been stolen. Without CPP to coordinate information from manufacturers and dealers directly to law enforcement, there is little or no chance to recover a valuable piece of equipment once it is stolen.

We Install a CPP decal on every piece of equipment and die stamp it in three locations. My customers have had machines identified by law enforcement solely as a result of this information being installed on the machines.

I feel very strongly that this organization is a necessary tool to companies who own equipment and vehicles. I know through direct contact that law enforcement relies heavily on CPP to help them identify construction equipment because they do not understand it. The construction industry needs CPP to help them get the information to the correct law enforcement agency accurately.”

Mike Smith
Branch Manager
Coastline Equipment


“SECC has been a member of CPP over 8 years. Unfortunately within this time frame we had a couple of break-ins. In the first instance we had a valuable splicing machine stolen. This machine was die stamped and did have the (CPP) warning sticker attached to it. This equipment was recovered within days when the reward hotline was called. CPP did a great job in helping recover this equipment.

The second instance, we had a dump truck and a backhoe trailer stolen overnight. The dump truck was immediately recovered the following morning since we have a GPS system in our truck. We printed out a copy of the GPS which showed everywhere the truck had been. We met with (an agent) of your office and gave him a copy of the report. He then checked out the route the truck had taken the night it was stolen and in a matter of days he recovered our trailer.

CPP is a great organization and I would surely recommend it. You have done a terrific job for SECC and is it greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!”

Tony C. Aranda
Safety Supervisor
Cable Communications


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