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Crime Prevention

  • CPP – provides signs and decals offering rewards to get employees,
    neighbors and the general public involved in solving crime
    situations, on a 24/7 basis.
  • Contractors – All sizes, types, and specialties have joined CPP with
    our complete program working for their firms.
  • Law Enforcement – Local law enforcement agencies along with
    special law enforcement task forces work closely with CPP:
    • FEAR – Border And Customs
    • ISU – California Highway Patrol
    • OCATT – Orange County
    • RAID – Riverside County
    • CARGO CATS – Los Angeles County
    • BAD CATS – Los Angeles City – LAPD
    • SANCATT – San Bernardino County
    • SLO CATS – Central Coast
    • TRAP – Los Angeles County
    • VEN CATS – Ventura

  • Insurance Industry – Insurance firms may offer a premium
    reduction on equipment floaters for their insured’s who join
    CPP and put over preventative measures in place.
  • Manufacturers and Dealers – CPP has a working relationship with
    corporate security offices of all major manufacturers of
    construction equipment, along with local dealers.
  • Media – Various construction industry and association publications
    • The Dodge Green Sheet (Crime Alert)
    • Construction Equipment Advertiser
    • ECA Magazine
    • SCCA Magazine
    • Machinery Trader (Stolen Equipment)
    • Inside Scoop